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Welcome to the ConnectiCare page. Here you can download clinical guidelines, policies and procedures specific to both ordering providers and radiation oncology facilities. These include quick reference guides and FAQs. You can also view information designed to assist you in using the RadMD Web site to obtain and check authorizations


Spine Surgery and Interventional Pain Management Program



Spine Surgery and Interventional Pain Management Clinical Guidelines


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Radiation Oncology Benefits Management

NIA Radiation Oncology Clinical Guidelines

Medicare Clinical Guidelines for Radiation Oncology
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Utilization Review Matrices


Radiology Benefits Management Program

ConnectiCare expanded its existing partnership on August 1, 2018 to include preauthorization management of the following elective services:

  • Cardiac imaging program and implantable devices

  • Outpatient interventional spine pain management procedures


RadMD User References


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Clinical Guidelines
  • Clinical Guidelines                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
 Refer to the Utilization Review Matrix document to view specific codes managed by NIA