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Welcome to the ConnectiCare page. Here you can download clinical guidelines, policies and procedures specific to both ordering providers and radiation oncology facilities. These include quick reference guides and FAQs. You can also view information designed to assist you in using the RadMD Website to obtain and check authorizations.

If you have any questions about the NIA Program, please contact your dedicated NIA Provider Relations Manager, Charmaine Everett

Effective 1/20/2023, National Imaging Associates, Inc. is now a subsidiary of Evolent Health. Evolent Health and its affiliates and subsidiaries collectively referred to as “Evolent.”

Update on COVID-19

Spine Surgery and Interventional Pain Management Programs  

For access to our Surgery Program tip sheets/checklists, click here.

For access to our IPM Program tip sheets/checklists, click here.

Spine Surgery and Interventional Pain Management Clinical Guidelines

Medical Specialty Solutions and Cardiac Programs

For access to our Advanced Imaging Program tip sheets/checklists, click here.

For access to our Cardiac Program tip sheets/checklists, click here.

Radiation Oncology Benefits Management

Radiation Oncology Program and Provider Education

For access to our Radiation Oncology Checklists and Coding Standards, click here.

Utilization Review Matrices

Conservative Treatment Forms

For access to our conservative treatment forms, click here.

RadMD Documents

RadMD is a user-friendly, real-time tool offered by NIA that provides ordering and rendering providers with instant access to prior authorization requests for specialty procedures. Whether submitting exam requests or checking the status of prior authorization requests, providers will find RadMD to be an efficient, easy-to-navigate resource.

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Recorded RadMD Demos

Need additional help using RadMD? Click here to access a series of RadMD demos that demonstrate how to properly submit a prior authorization request.

Clinical Guidelines

Clinical Training Modules

We have a series of clinical training modules that will help you avoid delays and ensure that you have the right information before submitting your prior authorization request. Click here to access them.

Update on COVID-19

Click here to view our recommendations on the use of CT to detect Coronavirus (COVID-19).