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Welcome providers!

We are excited to announce that you will now be among the first to hear about new enhancements, resources and tools to help you make the most out of RadMD and set you up for success. Please visit this page regularly to get the inside scoop on new enhancements to the website!

6.14.22 - Enhancements to RadMD  

Magellan Healthcare recently conducted an informational webinar to review RadMD enhancements and discuss how providers can make best use of the latest updates to our website. If you were unable to attend, you can view a recorded version of the webinar via the following link: RadMD Enhancements Webinar.

We’ll soon offer additional opportunities to attend enhancement-specific webinars in the months of July and August, please check your RadMD inbox for the latest details on upcoming sessions. 

6.9.22 - NEW! Retrospective authorization requests on RadMD

Retrospective authorization requests can now be initiated on RadMD! For the very first time, retro requests that fall within our respective Health Plan partner “grace periods” can be submitted online.

A couple of things to know before utilizing this new functionality:

  • We continue to strongly encourage providers to submit authorization requests prospectively as grace periods vary widely and are limited in length.
  • If a grace period has lapsed or is not offered, RadMD will be unable to accept your retro authorization request.

This new enhancement is currently fully operational and available for use. Once a date of service is entered, RadMD will inform you if a retro request is allowable.    

4.27.22 - New section added to authorization request details page on RadMD

In an effort to make the prior authorization process easier for you, we’ve added a new section to the authorization details page on RadMD that will alert you when our clinicians need additional clinical documentation to assist with making a final determination on a request. 

This new section is called “Additional Information Needed.” It will display only if additional provider documentation is necessary and will appear directly above the section containing the “Case” information. Once the additional clinical information that’s been requested has been received, the new section will no longer appear.

This latest enhancement to RadMD is intended to better emphasize the clinical information needed in order for our clinicians to render a final determination on your request.

4.13.22 - New alternative way to track the status of a prior authorization request

Forgot your authorization tracking number? No problem!

As you may have already noticed, we recently rolled out a new enhancement to RadMD. For the first time, you can search for an authorization request using the patient’s Personal Health Information (PHI).

A couple of things to know before using this new tool:

  • You will need to know the patient’s full name, date of birth, health plan, and member ID OR address.
  • You will also need to know the procedure, exam and request date.

This new look-up tool can be found on the RadMD user menu, located under the tracking number search box. Once you click the Forgot Tracking Number link, just follow the prompts to search for your prior authorization request with the patient’s PHI.

1.19.22 - New denial rationale

Based on your valuable feedback, we have added the denial rationale to the authorization details page on RadMD.

If your authorization request has been denied, the rationale now appears below the case information and explains the reasoning for the denial.  We hope this enhancement eliminates the need to call to understand why a request was denied. Please note that the denial rationale continues to be included in the determination letters for each case on RadMD.