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RadMD Quick Start Guide

Submitting a prior authorization request on RadMD is fast and easy! Our RadMD Quick Start Guide (PDF) is available to assist ordering physicians and their staff in obtaining prior authorizations on RadMD. 

RadMD Upload Module - NEW

Did you know that we have a new and improved upload module? Now, uploading clinical information onto RadMD is easier than ever and utilizing the upload module expedites your request, since the information is automatically attached to the case and forwarded to our clinicians for review. This step-by-step guide walks you through the process: RadMD Upload Feature (PDF). 

Using RadMD is Fast and Easy

Using RadMD is faster, more available and easier than a phone call. Learn more in this flyer (PDF).

RadMD Benefits

Whether you're an ordering provider or an imaging provider, you'll find lots of online tools at RadMD. Learn more about the benefits of using RadMD here: RadMD Benefits (PDF)

RadMD Newsletter

Need more information on RadMD? Check out our RadMD Newsletter (PDF)!