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Privacy Policy

Magellan/ Privacy Policy Revised June, 2007

Members are entitled to receive quality diagnostic imaging services delivered by the best available providers in a comfortable and pleasant environment free from unnecessary hazards. National Imaging Associates, Inc. (NIA), an affiliate of Magellan Health Services, Inc., strives to uphold a range of member rights, including Web site privacy.

This Web site is the responsibility of Magellan/NIA. We recognize the sensitive nature and confidentiality of the information provided via our Web site. Therefore, we are committed to the privacy principles set forth below and take measures to safeguard this information and to make you feel comfortable using the services of our Web site.

Please note that this privacy policy applies while you are visiting the Magellan/NIA Web site and using our applications and online features. Magellan/NIA does not have control over other Web sites, and therefore, cannot protect your privacy or security once you leave the Magellan/NIA Web site, even if you reach another site by clicking on a link within this Web site.

Provider Use of This Site

Some information on the Magellan/NIA Web site is for general informational purposes only. By putting this general information on our site, Magellan/NIA is not providing legal, medical, or other professional services. Other information on the site is part of your Magellan/NIA provider contract. You are responsible for utilizing this information in your practice.

Privacy Principles and Components

Personal Visitor Information

We collect, retain and use information about individual visitors to our Web site only where we reasonably believe it would be useful (and legally permissible) to provide you with products, services and other opportunities, or to inform you of new features or services available through this Web site. Identifiable information provided by you, such as name, postal address, or e-mail address will not be disclosed, sold or rented to a third party as part of a listing without your consent. The information which you supply to us is protected against unauthorized access or release.

Statistical Information

We do disclose aggregate statistical information which does not identify individuals to our partners, advertisers, and other third parties. No identifiable information will be disclosed.

Health Information

Under no circumstances will we disclose personal health information to unauthorized third parties unless we reasonably believe the law requires us to do so.


Magellan/NIA does not accept advertising on its Web site. Therefore, we do not collect information from you for the purpose of sharing with others.


NIA is committed to maintaining your personal information as secure as possible. On the technical side, we employ an authentication verification system, firewalls, and SSL encryption technology to ensure the privacy and security of data transmitted to us via the Internet. Internally, NIA stores these data on a separate secure server. Our employees have access to this information on a need-to-know basis only and are bound by a Code of Professional Business Conduct and Corporate Compliance Program. Any suspected violation is investigated and the employee subject to disciplinary action, including termination if indicated.

E-mail and Secure Messages

We handle all information and correspondence you share with us in the strictest confidence. When you send comments or questions to Magellan/NIA using any e-mail address or messaging service listed on our Web site, we share your message only with those Magellan/NIA employees most capable of answering your questions and concerns.

Be aware that while your e-mail message is in transit to us, it is possible for other Internet users to access and view it, without your knowledge and permission. (This is true of most, if not all, non-encrypted Internet e-mail communications.) For that reason, to protect your privacy and the privacy of others, please do not send e-mail to us with information you consider personal or confidential even if the channel is secured.


To use our secure and personalized Web site, your Web browser must accept "cookies."  A cookie is a tiny piece of information stored in your browser's memory. We primarily use temporary cookies. Once you leave the Magellan/NIA Web site or close your browser, the temporary cookie goes away. We use cookies to recognize that your computer has logged onto our Web site. There is no link between a cookie and any personally identifiable information about you. We may use permanent cookies if you give us permission to do so. This information is then stored on your computer and we access it when you visit our site to display your user name. This information is not shared with anyone. You may opt-out of this choice at any time and the cookie will be deleted.

Cookies help keep your Magellan/NIA Web site session private. Once you log in to the Web site, if there is no session activity for 20 minutes, you will be automatically logged off. This helps prevent anyone else from using your logged in session if you walk away from your computer or forget to log out.

You can change the setting of your browser to accept or reject cookies. Look in your browser's help file for instructions. If you reject cookies, you cannot access our secure Web site; however, you can still access our general audience area.

Content Review Process

Magellan/NIA's content review process for our provider site begins with the submission of all proposed materials to our review board. This editorial board includes provider communications and legal staff, as well as other content experts. Material for display on our site must meet an established set of standards in order to provide you with sound, accurate, and up-to-date information and tools.

No Liability

Although we will use all reasonable efforts to safeguard the confidentiality of the individually identifiable information which you provide to us, transmissions made by means of the internet cannot be made absolutely secure. In no event shall Magellan/NIA be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive, or exemplary damages, including lost profits, (even if we are advised of the possibility of such) arising in any way from the information contained in this Web site or any information transmitted via this Web site.

Updating This Notification

This privacy statement is not intended to create a contractual or legal right in or on behalf of any one. Magellan/NIA may update this notification as we improve our ability to safeguard your privacy. When updates are made we will post a prominent notice on our Web site. Please review this privacy policy routinely.